I'm trying to get a pretty simple Stripes-based web application running in a
fresh install of Resin 3.1.6.  The application works *except* for a page
that attempts to use the "displaytag" tag library (which I've not used

It seems that Resin is unable/unwilling to recognize any of the setters in
the displaytag tag implementation classes, in all cases failing with:

attribute 'id' in tag 'display:table' has no corresponding set method in
tag class 'org.displaytag.tags.TableTag'

It doesn't matter what attribute I use or what sort of value I pass to it
from the .jsp page. Resin 3.0.x and 3.1.6 all do pretty much the same thing.
Looking at the displaytag sources and the Resin source, I can't see where
it's getting hung up. There are in fact public setter methods in the
displaytag code, and they seem OK to me.

I'm pretty sure I've seen implications from random forum questions that
there are people using displaytag with Resin, so I suspect there's something
I'm just not doing right.

Again, Resin 3.1.6, Displaytag 1.1.1, JDK 6, Linux.

Thanks for any hints or sympathy :)

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