I'll be giving a talk on Quercus at Devoxx next month and I'd like to
get some idea of who's using Quercus and for what.  If you're using
Quercus, please fill out the quick survey below.  Feel free to respond
to the list or directly to me.  If you're not using Quercus, but you
want to, please let me know what's keeping you from using it.

1. What application or applications are you using on Quercus?  What are
you using them for?

2. Did you use this application before with the C version of PHP?  If
so, why did you switch?  Have you seen a performance/stability

3. Have you integrated Java and PHP in any way?  (e.g. calling Java
libraries from PHP or calling PHP from Java using javax.script)

4. What was your experience in installing a PHP app on Quercus?

5. Has your company/team's organization changed because of using
Quercus?  For example, have you been able to hire PHP talent for a
previously Java-only site?

6. Are you using Quercus with Resin Pro?  Resin Open Source?  another
app server/servlet engine?

Feel free to promote your Quercus-based site - I'd like to see it in




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Caucho: Reliable Open Source
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--> Quercus: PHP in Java
--> BAM: lightweight high-speed messaging

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