On Jan 2, 2009, at 4:54 PM, Daniel Hinojosa wrote:

> Never have used Resin. Can Seam 2.1.x applications run in Resin?  If  
> so, any docs?  I tried copying a seam .ear file in the webapps dir  
> to see what happens and I received no message.
> Any help or direction is appreciated.

The difficulty is really EJB 3.0 vs EJB-lite (EJB 3.1), because Seam  
uses EJB in all its examples.  (And EJB 3.0 doesn't define things like  
standard JNDI locations, which makes examples trickier.)

Our direction for Resin 4.0 is for EJB-lite, since we're focusing on  
the web profile.  (The rest of EJB has backward compatibility and  
CORBA.)    So currently, we're stuck in between two specs.

-- Scott 

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