Hello all,
I'm working with the new 3.0.27 release of Resin Professional with the 
ISAPI plugin on IIS 6.0/Win2K3.  We've been experiencing for some time 
an issue with timeout problems on long-running report pages. If I 
connect directly to Resin HTTP, my long-running page (time to return 
data > 20 min) completes properly. When connecting through IIS, I can 
see that on the Resin side everything completes normally, but data never 
comes back to the client.

IIS logs show something like this:
2009-01-30 17:10:07 W3SVC1 GET /app/Servlet 
parm=0&parm2=All&submit=Submit+Query 80 - 
200 0 64 0 2435093

Note that there's a value of 64 in the sc-win32-status position. This 
indicates that the connection is no longer available. The browser never 
gets any response from the server and will just spin indefinitely.

There have been several seemingly related fixes recently, including:

That said, my servlet does return inside of an hour, so it seems like it 
ought to work, and I'm not getting anywhere with trying to resolve this. 
  Does anybody have any tips for configuring the ISAPI filter and/or 
getting things set up either to allow the script to complete 
successfully or to error out properly?


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