I'm trying to move an existing Joomla site to Quercus. On the current 
system I have set "search engine friendly URLs" on and this strips the 
ugly params out. I guess its handled by Apache using a module or the 
.htaccess file. In any case, when I run the same setup under Quercus 
(again with the Apache + mod_caucho setup) it seems these URL's don't 
get converted, so the site right now is full of broken links. Its a 
shame because some pages do work, and the content is there meaning the 
db is ok, the compilation and cache is ok and it runs 3x faster ;-) So 
any tips on how I can get Resin + Quercus to do what the current setup 
is doing with respect to these URL rewrites please?

Resin 3.2.1 Pro / RH Fed7

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