Does anyone know or have any experience with dealing with file-based  
caching of content, not memory-based. I have images which I process to  
create multiple versions of the same image in different resolutions.   
I'd like to actually cache these for future use.

My url is something like this:

/image/<image id>?size=medium&token=<session id>

I'm actually hoping to use resin's reverse proxy caching system.  Is  
there a way for me to hook a filter or a servlet directly into the  
proxy cache and have Resin take care of caching details.  I can just  
query the system directly for the file.  Or should I use a separate  
caching system?

I can also turn this into a more static-typed link:

/image/<image id>_medium?token=<session id>

but the token at the end would make the link different either way.

Any suggestions for working directly with the Resin cache?  Or does  
Resin have some sort of cache API/facility that I can use?


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