I have a server with apache+resin-3.1.6 installed.

Once in a while it have some performance issues. I have noted on that times:
- theres is one (or two) httpd process consuming 200% (each process) 
from CPU
- after some time (few hours) application gets almost unresponsive (most 
of request hangs for so long in the client's browser)
- apache-only requests (static HTML, images) seems to be processed 
normally on that time
- if I restart resin (java process) on that time the problem persists
- if I "killall -1 httpd", problem is solved
- I have found no log messages about that

As a workaround I have written a script to run a "killall -1 httpd" 
every time it finds a httpd process consuming 200% from CPU

It got the application much more stable, but once in a while (once in 
week for example) I have the same problem: server gets almost unresponsive.
So as a workaround it run a "killall -1 httpd" each hour.

It got the server much more stable, but it isn't the ideal behavior.
Do you guys have some trouble like that?
What do you suggest?

The same application in another application server runs without this issue.


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