Scott Ferguson escreveu:
> I have an open report on that issue, but haven't been able to  
> reproduce it here under stress testing.  Do you have any information  
> in the logs suggesting something that might trigger this? (e.g. some  
> connection issue on the Resin side.)

It's really too weird. I have found no information about that in the 
logs (apache/resin/os), even in the exact moment of the problem.

I´ve noted when there is a httpd process consuming 200% from cpu, system 
load (from OS) gets higher and dynamic pages get slower.

Usually we have tens of process like that per day, even in not so 
overloaded times.
But I haven't seen such a process in lighter times.

I have monitored httpd process when it occurs to see what's running on 
that moment, but it seems to be normal requests. I didn't see anything 
wrong on that process, any suspicious request or URL.
I even didn't see any relation like the same process present on every 
overloaded httpd process.

It seems there is lack in communication between apache and resin, and 
this problem doesn't seem to be related to the 200% httpd process.
Even I restarting httpd when it find and 200% httpd process, after some 
days the system got unresponsive. That's why I schedule an httpd restart 
once in a hour.

I'm sorry for not supply more specific informations about that, but I 
didn't find it yet.


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