Under Resin-3.0.x the following code works whether I pass in a 'email' param
or not.  However on Resin 3.2.1, which I just installed .. It throws an
exception if an 'email' param wasn't passed in. However it works great if I
do pass an email param in.  Any thoughts?

<c:set var="email" value="${param.email}"/>
<c:set var="password" value="${param.password}"/>

<x:forEach select="$doc/users/user[email = $email and password =
        <c:set var="found" value="true"/>

The work around is to put a <c:if> test around the <x:forEach> and test if
param.email is defined, but I am curious if the forEach should throw an
exception when the $email variable is empty?



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