This question is related to my earlier post ..

The following code snippet also throws a NullPointerException if both
"cookie" and "someParam" are emtpy.  It seems to me that testing for empty
on cookie.someParam shouldn't cause an exception, even if cookie is empty?
Of course I don't know what the spec says, but I have seen countless
examples like this.

        Causes "[Show] java.lang.NullPointerException" and won't render the
page if cookie evaluates to empty 
<c:if test="${!empty cookie.someParam}">

Do I really have to verify if cookie is empty in a separate test?

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On Feb 6, 2009, at 1:21 PM, Aaron Freeman wrote:

> Under Resin-3.0.x the following code works whether I pass in a  
> 'email' param
> or not.  However on Resin 3.2.1, which I just installed .. It throws  
> an
> exception if an 'email' param wasn't passed in. However it works  
> great if I
> do pass an email param in.  Any thoughts?

Unfortunately, that exception is required by the JSTL specification,  
and Resin 3.2 is stricter about spec compliance.

-- Scott

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