On Mar 4, 2009, at 09:47, Michael Prescott wrote:

The 'Resin 3.2' link on the caucho.com front page takes me to the resin 4.0 docs. If I rewrite the 3.1. docs URL to say 3.2, I see a page showing 3.1. docs. Should I just be looking at 3.1 docs? (If so, why the link to 3.2 on the front page?)

The resin docs on the caucho site are badly in need of revision, reorganization, and some TLC. Based on a private conversation I had with Emil, that is going to happen. Sorry Emil, didn't mean to "out" you! ;-)

I haven't actually done a comparison, but it might be that if you download 3.2, you'll get the correct documentation and can look at it locally. OTOH, it might also just be the 3.1 docs.


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