You might want to check

ATTRIBUTE       DESCRIPTION                             DEFAULT
require-source  Return 404 when JSP source is deleted   false

But I haven't checked if this setting is deleting the content from 


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> Betreff: [Resin-interest] Removing generated code from 
> WEB-INF/work/_jsp/structure
> Until recently we have removed the work directory when making 
> code and content changes.  We now have the flexibility to 
> modify, add, and remove content related JSPs individually.  
> While adding and modifying work as expected, removing a JSP 
> does not result in an eventual removal of the associated 
> generated code files in the work directory.
> I've not come across anything that appears to account for the 
> removal of a single JSP.  Is there a setting that will expire 
> files in the work directory to cover this instance?  My only 
> thought at the moment is to remove the work directory during 
> major content pushes when the application is restarted as 
> part of the push.
> David
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