Any info would be very much appreciated.
Which web analytics tool do you use for your public web sites ?


Riccardo Cohen wrote:
> Hello
> I need an internal web analytics tools for a web site, and I only know 
> php one.
> I tried to compile piwik 0.2.31 with resin 3.2.0 and 3.2,1 but have an 
> error with the toArray() function at compilation time:
> 'toArray' is an unknown method of binary(12) "Installation".
> in 
> 'Users/rc/ADLhtml/z_resintest/testpiwik/webapp/core/FrontController.php' 
> at the line 228
> This software is great but uses many libs including Zend.
> Can someone give me an advice on how to solve this (I don't know a lot 
> about php), or does someone know a java web analytics tool that does not 
> need external service ?
> Thanks

Riccardo Cohen
Architecte du Logiciel
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