Resin-3.2.1 (built Fri, 17 Oct 2008 04:11:01 PDT)

I can't seem to run resin on port 80. I can run it on 8080 just fine,  
but when I change the config file to "80", I get:

Can't use JNI to listen to port '' because JNI support has  
not been compiled

I'm launching it as root, but I've specified a non-root user, so I  
also get:

INFO: com.caucho.config.ConfigException: <user-name> requires compiled  
JNI started with 'start'.  Resin cannot use <user-name> when started  
as a foreground process.

I only seem to have this library:

$ ls /usr/local/resin/current/libexec/*

I followed the instructions in the Getting Started section of the PDF  

Any ideas what I did wrong? Thanks!


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