On many UNIX systems only the root user can bind to ports below 1024, 
with out some tricks.  That's probably your situation since it works 
fine on port 8080 but not port 80.  If you comment out the user-name 
section and run it as root, it works fine on port 80?


Rick Mann wrote:
> Resin-3.2.1 (built Fri, 17 Oct 2008 04:11:01 PDT)
> I can't seem to run resin on port 80. I can run it on 8080 just fine,  
> but when I change the config file to "80", I get:
> Can't use JNI to listen to port '' because JNI support has  
> not been compiled
> I'm launching it as root, but I've specified a non-root user, so I  
> also get:
> INFO: com.caucho.config.ConfigException: <user-name> requires compiled  
> JNI started with 'start'.  Resin cannot use <user-name> when started  
> as a foreground process.
> I only seem to have this library:
> $ ls /usr/local/resin/current/libexec/
> libresin_os.so*
> I followed the instructions in the Getting Started section of the PDF  
> doc.
> Any ideas what I did wrong? Thanks!

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