Hi. I'm using HessianKit to connect to a resin/hessian server setup. I  
build and deploy against three different Resin installations. One runs  
a version of 3.0, another 3.1, and a third 3.2.

In the 3.0 and 3.1 installations, variables of type java.util.Date  
ended up getting wrapped in a dictionary with key "value". In  
Objective-C (the client), I had to get at them with code like this:

NSDate* d = [hessianObject.dateMember valueForKey: @"value"];

because of this.

I just pointed my client at my new 3.2.1 resin installation, and this  
is no longer the case; the Date object is not wrapped in a dictionary.

Now, the client code hasn't changed from one version to the next.

Also: I have a hessian-3.2.1.jar in the WEB-INF/lib directory of my  
webapp. But I have a feeling that's being ignored, since the hessian  
classes are also in resin.jar. Is there any way to put my own hessian  
version in a particular webapp?


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