Today I've used Apache's JMeter to stress my server and looked what's 
happening. (I'm on a virtual server)
With 50 users x 100 requests, it slows down but behaves nicely.
With 200 users x 20 requests (with a ramp-up period of 600sec) I have a 
strange behaviour : after all threads finished (well some didn't do all 
requests), the cpu came back to calm (0%)
It looks like the application works like before. But every time I go 
back to the server, the first request is very very slow. After about 10 
seconds, the page appears and I can see in the info log :

[18:59:48.663] {http-my1-80-101} ConnectionPool[mp_db_pool] pool overflow

After that, the navigation works fine. I understand that my database 
pool is not configured correctly, this is the config :


But I don't know what values to set, should I use max-overflow-
connections, max-pool-time, etc ? and should this related to values set 
in thread-max ?

(I use mysql on linux)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Riccardo Cohen
Architecte du Logiciel
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