Hi Joey,
I don't have experience with Google Checkout integration with Resin, but
maybe I can still help a little bit.
First of all, do you know the content of Authorization-Header from Google?
Something like this:

Authorization: Basic QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ==

The above line contains the BASE64 value of user name "Aladdin", password
"open sesame".
If you put "QWxhZGRpbjpvcGVuIHNlc2FtZQ==" into a BASE64 decoder (for
example http://www.motobit.com/util/base64-decoder-encoder.asp) you will
receive: "Aladdin:open sesame".

If you receive a value that you already know and is your (afaik from the
google api doc) MERCHANT_ID:MERCHANT_KEY then you would need to change the
Resin Configuration to use BASIC auth-method and no password-digest:

<authenticator type="com.caucho.server.security.XmlAuthenticator">
<login-config auth-method="BASIC"/>
<security-constraint url-pattern='/notification' role-name='resin'/>

You need to regenerate the userPWD with digest-realm of "none".

Hope this helps.


2009/7/14 Mktg. Incorporate Fast <m...@incorporatefast.com>

>  Hello,
> I'm trying to integrate google checkout with Resin, and they require BASIC
> HTML authentication on callback of XML posts.
> <authenticator type="com.caucho.server.security.XmlAuthenticator">
>   <init>
>     <password-digest-realm>resin</password-digest-realm>
>     <password-digest>MD5-base64</password-digest>
>     <user>userID:userPWD:resin</user>
>   </init>
> </authenticator>
> <login-config auth-method="DIGEST"/>
> <security-constraint url-pattern='/notification' role-name='resin'/>
> It constantly fails with error of wrong password.  I have created the
> password as suggested in the Docs on caucho.com, however, the encrypted
> password sent back by Google is slightly different.  I can't post those
> passwords becuase they are live passwords, so instead I'll post to the
> Google Docs.
> http://code.google.com/apis/checkout/developer/index.html#https_auth_scheme
> Has anybody had success setting up Google Checkout to work with Resin?
> Thanks
> Joey.
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