Rom Sok schrieb:

> Here is the error from the console:
> *
> [19:17:38.683] com.caucho.config.LineConfigException:
> /C:/resin/conf/app-default.xml:49: `romsok_srv' is not a known servlet.
> Servlets belong in the classpath, often in WEB-INF/classes.*

I think the servlet identified by "romsok_srv" will have to be made
available to the servlet engine on startup for general use, on a par

* com.caucho.servlets.DirectoryServlet
* com.caucho.servlets.FileServlet
* com.caucho.jsp.JspServlet
* com.caucho.jsp.XtpServlet

So try putting the classes in $RESIN_HOME/lib and not in WEB-INF/classes.
Does that work?

Michael Ludwig

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