Mattias Jiderhamn wrote:
> So I've spent another day hunting that lo(ooo)ng standing PermGen memory 
> leak in our application and/or Resin.
> I made a new discovery which "shouldn't" be an issue, but could 
> potentially fix problems.
>  From my investigation it seems that whenever the application is 
> reloaded, a reference to the old 
> com.caucho.loader.EnvironmentClassLoader is kept in 
> I agree that in 
> theory this shouldn't happen, since the ClassLoader is a weak reference 
> key, /however/ if I add some code to the application shutdown, 
> explicitly removing the EnvironmentClassLoader from _defaultFactory 
> using reflection, the garbage collector is able to unload these classes.
I changed this in 4.0.2 (with some more changes in 4.0.3). Even though 
the key is a weak reference, the value is a strong reference.
> I should mention though, that there is still a minimum of two 
> EnvironmentClassLoaders for the given application after reloading at 
> least once. The former one seem to stick around somehow. We have 
> discussed this before, Scott; how references are kept inside 
> com.caucho.server.dispatch.Invocation, at least in a low traffic (dev / 
> debugging) environment.
On a web-app change the Invocation cache is cleared, so there shouldn't 
be any old references there.
>  Not sure if this a real problem, but ideally the 
> class loader of the previous version should be available for garbage 
> collection before the classes of the new version are loaded ('cause 
> there is no turning back anyway, is there...?).
In the past this could be a problem with JNI because a JNI library can 
only be loaded in one classloader (that may have been changed but it 
always was a JDK restriction.)
>  Otherwise you always 
> have to set MaxPermSize to at least twice as much as the application 
> actually needs.
> In some profiling session I've also seen references from logging and 
> "index-cache-writer" threads, which might be worth looking into.
The index writer shouldn't have any references to any non-system 

-- Scott
> Scott, could you tell me if anything can be done to the issues mentioned 
> above?

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