Back in the 2.1 days you could choose which to enable with attributes on the
HTTP tag:
You could try, with a little luck it may still work with 3.0.x

If you want to switch to OpenSSL you can extract your JSSE key/cert,
last time I tried the "keytool" shipped with the JDK did not offer an easy
The solution was to use the java libraries to extract the key directly and
some openssl
utility to convert to the typical ascii format.


On Tue, Dec 29, 2009 at 05:49, Aaron Freeman <>wrote:

> I am a bit baffled.  For PCI compliance we must restrict weak ciphers,
> but I see no mechanism to do that with JSSE, which we have been using
> for years.  It appears we can do this with openssl on Resin 3.0.x  Is
> that correct?
> Does that mean I need to purchase a new certificate or can we easily
> switch to openssl using the certificate we already have.
> Did the person's query about fixing JSSE's cipher-suite issue in Resin
> 3.1.x get resolved in Resin 4.0.2?
> Thanks,
> Aaron
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