Knut Forkalsrud wrote:
 > You most likely will have to know which characters you want to replace,
 > I don't see any way around that.  Anyway the more interesting change
 > is probably to replace a character at a time instead of a byte at a time.
 > How to specify each character literal in your source file is a separate
 > problem.

When I do sb_replace(ret,lit,urlset3b[idx]) I replace strings, not 
bytes. This is probably not very performant... but it is not at byte level.

 > Try "man locale" in your terminal window.

this gives many locales available, including fr_FR.UTF-8

 > Good luck,

Thanks for your help, I'll try.

 > -Knut
 > PS: If you get all the character set issues under control you 
probably don't
 > even need to replace characters in the URLs.  See for example Wikipedia
 > with URLs likeán_Piñera
 > <>

The problem with full unicode url is that it does not work with old 
navigators like ie6. Well if a page appears bad with IE6 i don't mind, 
but if it gives error 404 it is a problem.

Should I consider unicode url as mainly supported ?

At the end my application will need unicode url since it should work in 
russian language. But for the moment I just try to understand the 
runtime problem.


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