Rob Lockstone wrote:
> The preferred way to launch processes at boot/login in OS X since 10.4 
> is to use launchd. 
> From <>, "/The launchd 
> daemon takes over many tasks from cron, xinetd, mach_init, and init, 
> which are UNIX programs that traditionally have handled system 
> initialization, called system scripts, run startup items, and 
> generally prepared the system for the user./"
> All well and good. It's a nice service and reasonably easy to manage, 
> especially when using something like 
> Lingon <>. However, 
> launchd has one feature that is annoyingly incompatible with Resin 
> 4.x; it kills all child processes that the first process started when 
> the first process exits.

Thanks. I've added this as  a bug report. It might be possible to add a 
"watchdog" argument like "console" for Mac (I'm not sure if the JNI will 
get properly loaded in that case, but I'm sure there's a way to work 
around it.)

-- Scott
> Unfortunately, from what I can tell, this is exactly what Resin 4.x 
> does. The ResinBoot class is responsible for creating the WatchDog 
> process, and the WatchDog is what creates and then monitors the main 
> Resin process, but after the WatchDog starts, ResinBoot exits so 
> launchd kills the child processes.
> So what's a girl to do? I don't know. I'm not a girl. But here's what 
> I did.
> Buried down in an Apple Developer Connection document, /Daemons and 
> Agents/, is a section titled "Careful With That Fork, Eugene" 
> <>. That's the section that explains how launchd 
> will kill child processes if the original process exits. But it also 
> lists a few work-arounds. The first two are specific to daemon and 
> probably not doable for Resin, at least not without mucking around 
> with Resin and rebuilding it. But the third, and of course 
> the "least-preferable" by Apple's standards, is to use the 
> AbandonProcessGroup property in Resin's startup plist file.
> Success!
> Once you have your .plist file created (easy with Lingon), you can 
> either edit it directly (it should be in /Library/LaunchDaemons), or 
> within Lingon switch into "Expert Mode" and choose the 
> /AbandonProcessGroup/ parameter from the "Insert parameter..." drop 
> down. It will look like this in the plist file:
>     <key>AbandonProcessGroup</key>
>     <true/>
> Here's the definition of AbandonProcessGroup:
> AbandonProcessGroup <boolean>
> When a job dies, launchd kills any remaining processes with the 
> same process group ID as the job. Setting this key to true disables 
> that behavior.
> I can't say this is the best/only solution, but it worked for me.
> Rob
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