You're running resin as root?? You should be slapped. Run as apache,
resin or nobody, never root.

To answer your question you could create a group called 'web' and add
your clients and resin to that group. Adjust umasks to create
directories as 775 and files as 664.

Alternatively run multiple instances of resin as different users on
different ports and use a front-end transparent proxy to serve the pages
(this takes care of caching as well). The only issue I've had with this
approach in the past is that the proxy causes the IP address seen by
resin to be the IP address of the proxy, not the client (which can mess
up IP-based authentication).

On 03/09/10 09:21, Peter Amiri wrote:
> Is there a way to modify the user that Resin runs at per virtual host? I know 
> that we can overwrite the User setting in resin.conf to make the server run 
> as some other user than root, but what I want to know is if there is a way to 
> specify the user setting within each virtual host entry.
> Here is my problem, I have Resin integrated into a cPanel server. Whenever a 
> new account is setup in cPanel we automatically create config files that 
> configures Resin for the account. The issue is when new files or directories 
> are created within code. If someone creates a new directory in their home 
> directory via code the directory is create with the 644 as the attributes and 
> root:root as the owner. When this happens the user can't access the new file 
> or directory via their FTP account because they don't have permissions. Every 
> time this happens then need to open a ticket to have us modify the 
> permissions of the file or directory so they can access it. I've tried to 
> explain that they could access it via code but most of the time that goes 
> over peoples heads.
> So my issue is that Resin is running as root and creating files as root in a 
> users home directory. Is there any settings in the config files that I may 
> not be aware of that may help with this scenario?
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