The workaround recommended by Wesley would work (using javax.enterprise.inject.Instance, I tried it, it doesn't throw StackOverflowError), assuming that there is only one instance, but there is more then one in my case. Using setter injection instead of constructor injection, but using @Startup doesn't work either, StackOverflowError is thrown here too.

Hontvári József írta:
I have downloaded 4.0.4 but it still throws StackOverflowError on the same example configuration file. Scott Ferguson írta:
Hontvári József wrote:
The name of the first class is misleading (maybe Scheduled... would have been better, it is executing scheduled tasks itself), Resin's scheduler hasn't been involved in the configuration. But the issue is either the same or we have two independent issues. If I remove the constructor initialization by creating an empty constructor and use setter instead of it, then the CanDI initialization does completes. However, if I add @Startup annotation, so a class instance is actually created, then I again receive StackOverflow.
Thanks. I have this fixed for 4.0.4.

-- Scott
Wesley Wu írta:
This could be a lazy init problem I think.

The scheduled tasks would be inited before some of other beans which
the tasks need.

I've met this before.

The workaround:
Inject the Injector into your task, no other webbeans.
When the task starts (run()), create webbeans instances via the injector.


2010/2/11 Hontvári József <>:
I reduced the configuration to the minimum. It consists of a circular setter
dependency, and then a separate third constructor initialization which
refers to one of circular items. Both have to be present, otherwise
StackOverflow doesn't happen. I attached a configuration sample and a part
of the log file, logged on "finer" level.

Scott Ferguson írta:

Hontvári József wrote:

I receive java.lang.StackOverflowError when Resin tries to read the
configuration file:

[10-02-10 10:31:56.929] {resin-37}
C:/Progra~1/mireka-1.2/conf/mireka.xml:325: com.caucho.confi
g.core.ResinIf.init(): java.lang.StackOverflowError

I believe there is no circular constructor dependency in the file. To be
sure I replaced almost all constructor initialisation blocks with setter
initialization. Is there a way to debug this error? There is no stack
trace or anything else in the log.

Can you send that section of the configuration file? It looks like it's
something to do with the <resin:if> like the test EL expression,
although it could also be the contents of the if.

Also, it's possible that adding a <logger name="" level="finer"/> in the
<resin> section will show the stack trace.

-- Scott

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