I'm having a hard time getting resin (any version, but specifically 4.0.5) to 
behave in various modes.

I'd like to use user "www" and group "www." Resin is sometimes launched by the 
OS, and sometimes by me with sudo. However, I can't use "console" mode with a 
user & group specified in the config file (it barfs). I also can't connect to 
port 80 if I don't launch as root.

I also can't seem to make it happy regarding the permissions of the various 
directories. I keep my individual webapps inside my user home directories (I 
have a couple friends who use it, too), and so I want them to be able to deploy 
their webapps in their own directories. To that end, I tell everyone to use 
group "www" on their deployed files, and to let the group create directories 
and files in their WEB-INF.

But I'm always having all sorts of issues with permissions, as my recent posts 
would attest. How am I actually supposed to run resin, and what perms must my 
deployments have?


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