Rick Mann wrote:
> I'm having a hard time getting resin (any version, but specifically 4.0.5) to 
> behave in various modes.
> I'd like to use user "www" and group "www." Resin is sometimes launched by 
> the OS, and sometimes by me with sudo. However, I can't use "console" mode 
> with a user & group specified in the config file (it barfs). I also can't 
> connect to port 80 if I don't launch as root.
Console isn't for launching root. It's really just a debugging mode. 
It's not a deployment mode.
> I also can't seem to make it happy regarding the permissions of the various 
> directories. I keep my individual webapps inside my user home directories (I 
> have a couple friends who use it, too), and so I want them to be able to 
> deploy their webapps in their own directories. To that end, I tell everyone 
> to use group "www" on their deployed files, and to let the group create 
> directories and files in their WEB-INF.
> But I'm always having all sorts of issues with permissions, as my recent 
> posts would attest. How am I actually supposed to run resin, and what perms 
> must my deployments have?

Well, you could start by setting the logging level to "finer" and giving 
the stack trace that I asked for earlier.

-- Scott

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