On this link there is <resin:IfFileExists> tag, but I am thinking what 
you want to do is more simple than that, if you want to elaborate:



On 3/21/2010 3:03 PM, Rick Mann wrote:
> With my WordPress installation, I need to redirect some kinds of posts to 
> /index.php. I currently have these two rules:
>       <forward regexp="[0-9]+/.*" target="/index.php"/>
>       <forward regexp="^/about/?" target="/index.php"/>
> The first redirects URIs that match /year/month/post-name
> The second redirects the one and only "page" I have currently, the about page.
> Under Apache, the rewrite rules can be conditionalized to say, "redirect 
> according to this rule only if the resource pointed to by they URI is not an 
> actual file or directory."
> Is there any way to do that in Resin?
> TIA,

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