So, I have conflicting results with 4.0.4 and 4.0.5:

JSP Tags don't work:
PHP errors parsing certain PHP constructs
Seems to run reliably (however, can't stop server reliably, need to kill it)

JSP Tags work correctly
PHP parsing error still in place
WordPress 2.9.2 post titles don't appear anywhere (admin or blog)
Very unreliable, stops responding after short period (also can't stop it 

Right now, the most critical thing for me will be to get the JSP tag issue 
resolved, but obviously not at the expense of a reliable server. I might have 
to write Java-based implementations of those tags to get them to work under 

Any additional help on tracking down the stability and WordPress title issues 
in 4.0.5 would be much appreciated, and I'm happy to pay (within my budget) for 
this support.



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