Hi guys,

I built 4.0.5 (and 4.0.4, but it's working better) from the distro using the 
old build instructions (build-in-place, so to speak). Do you think that would 
make a difference in the functionality I'm currently seeing?

I want to build it into a directory /usr/local/resin/versions/resin-4.0.5, and 
then point a symlink to that, and run via the symlink. Will that work? I feel 
like in the past, some autoconf-based projects weren't happy if I ran using a 
directory path different from the one passed to --prefix.

Also, is there a way to prevent it from installing files into any other 
directories but the one I specify with --prefix? I don't want to risk it 
overwriting my existing config files.


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