Hi there,

I've come across a new feature that is to be implemented in Tomcat 6 to 
help detect/prevent/notifiy the too common OOME (permGen) problems and 
as we don't use Tomcat but do use Resin, I wondered if the Caucho guys 
have considered adding a similar mechanism to Resin.

As the article points out, many people end up blaming the containter for 
such errors, as their application runs "fine", so I think it is in our 
best interest, container vendors included, to sort out who's to blame in 
this topic. Even if fixing is not always possible, it is not, simply 
notifiying that "web app classloader could not be recycled due to a leak 
in the application" would help and creating a list of libraries that 
cause these things might encourage library creators to be more careful.

Thoughts, ideas?
Daniel Lopez Janariz (d.lo...@uib.es)

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