Hi Scott,

Thanks for the pointer. I managed to get it to work, more or less,  
using the new way:
and the old "bean" way:
   <bean name="MyPool">

However, I find it more flexible to use the old bean way as it allows  
me to publish it to JNDI, so the old JNDI-based applications don't  
have to rewritten, and it allows me more easily to instantiate  
different resources and assign them different names (If I understoon  
correctly, I have to create a new @Qualified annotation for each name  
with the new Resin 4.0's way).

Am I missing something? I like much better the old way :).

S'està citant Scott Ferguson <f...@caucho.com>:

> Daniel López wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> For some reason, I would like to be able inside Resin a datasource
>> implementation other than Resin's, C3P0 for example, and I have been
>> unable to find in the documentation how would one configure it. The
>> examples that I found use the <database> tag, which does not seem to
>> have an attribute to specify an implementation class for the DataSource.
>> Is it possible at all?
> You'd treat it as a generic bean. In Resin 4.0.x, it would be the
> <c3p0:DataSourceImpl xmlns:c3p0="...">
>   ...
> </c3p0:DataSourceImpl>
> The <database> tag wouldn't make sense, because it's integrated with
> Resin's JCA/pooling code, which is what you're trying to replace.
> -- Scott
>> D.


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