Hi Michael,

If you’re using Resin 4.x, you should take a look at these two Blog posts (and 
the Wiki page linked in the second post), if you haven’t already:


We are currently doing some things with Resin 4.x, Nagios, and Cacti and those 
two posts served as good starting points.

I can’t speak to OpenView/Tivoli integration and how easy that would be to 
accomplish, but the Resin+Nagios configuration was very simple and flexible.

As to which logs are of interest, it will really depend on your Resin 
configuration and where you’re sending messages. After reviewing the REST 
documentation, though, you may decide that you don’t even need to look at the 
logs; I can’t really say what your needs are.

Good luck.


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I would like to know if anyone on the list has implemented an existing 
monitoring paradigm for Resin, using SNMP, if supported, and also, what logs 
are of interest, along with specifics on what messages should be alerted on 
from a monitoring respect, such as OpenView, Tivoli, Unicenter, BMC Patrol, etc.

Thanks very much, as I am working on development of a Smart Plug-In for 
OpenView Operations Manager for Resin!

Stay Strong,

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