I noticed there is a 4.0.8 release at 6/30, and I tried it out.

Seems fine besides some minor problem described below.

***. MDBs implements MessageListener can't have an @Override on
onMessage method.
I have to remove these annos to make it run.

***. according to the CDI spec, @Inject on a static field is not
allowed anymore, is it right.

Congratulations to the hard work!

There remains a long live big problem confused me.

I quoted from CDI spec Chapter 11. Portable extensions

11.5.3. AfterDeploymentValidation event

The container must fire a third event after it has validated that
there are no deployment problems and before creating contexts or
processing requests.

The event object must be of type

public interface AfterDeploymentValidation {
    public void addDeploymentProblem(Throwable t);
addDeploymentProblem() registers a deployment problem with the
container, causing the container to abort deployment after all
observers have been notified.

void afterDeploymentValidation(@Observes AfterDeploymentValidation
event, BeanManager manager) { ... }
If any observer method of the AfterDeploymentValidation event throws
an exception, the exception is treated as a deployment problem by the

The container must not allow any request to be processed by the
deployment until all observers of this event return.

I never saw any version of resin 4.0.x implemented this function.

When I write a method like:

public void bootstrap(@Observes AfterDeploymentValidation event,
BeanManager manager) {

and it never got called.


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