Rob Lockstone wrote:
>> That message appears when the watchdog exits without a "stop" command.
>> Basically, it's an end of file on the socket connecting the watchdog to
>> Resin if the watchdog process dies.
>> Does the watchdog log show any reason for it disappearing?
Just to clarify, "it" meaning the watchdog itself.  (I do assume the 
watchdog wasn't running when you checked the system.) The Resin instance 
cannot stop the watchdog, by the way.

I assume the watchdog is running as a service?
> It did not, no. It just had:
> ProServer[id=,cluster=] active
> JNI: file, nio keepalive (max=8192), socket
> The only other possibly odd messages were a bunch (dozens?) of the 
> following, but they were spread out over several days, so I don't know 
> why they would all of a sudden cause resin to stop itself:
> {http://*:80-1} TcpSocketLink[id=1,]  failed keepalive (select)
> {http://*:80-3} TcpSocketLink[id=3,]  failed keepalive (select)
That error is something that will be fixed in 4.0.9, but it's in the 
Resin logs not the watchdog, and is unrelated to the socket between 
Resin and the watchdog.
> Looking at the code for ResinActor/ResinLink/HmtpLink, the run() 
> method in HmtpLink could exit on an IOException and not log any 
> details about the cause, and that would cause Resin to exit without 
> being explicitly told to, no?
The exception would be logged by the thread pool code at the warning 
level, but I've added a catch/log to the ResinLink to make that clearer.

An IO exception on that socket would cause Resin to exit.
> From HmtpLink:
>   /**
>    * Receive messages from the client
>    */
>   public void run()
>   {
>     try {
>       while (! isClosed() && _in.readPacket(_actorStream)) {
>       }
>     } catch (IOException e) {
>       throw new RuntimeException(e);
>     }
>   }
Right, and that RuntimeException would be logged by the thread pool.

-- Scott
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