Riccardo Cohen wrote:
> Hello
> With 4.0.8 the sample given http://wiki.caucho.com/CXF works.
> I can now create a soap service and call it. I can also generate wsdl 
> with /adlsoap?wsdl request and could generate java classes from wsdl 
> with cxf's wsdl2java. These 2 steps could be added to the wiki :)
> Now there are some details:
> - I still need to unzip package 3.1.9 to find the resin-support.jar 
> which is needed, I suppose this could be added also in 4.0.8 package ?
I've added a bug report at http://bugs.caucho.com/view.php?id=4134.

There is extra work for 4.0.x because the remoting hasn't been updated 
to CDI yet.
> - I would like to put cxf libraries in a subfolder of lib, so I added 
> this to web-app conf :
>    <class-loader>
>      <library-loader path="WEB-INF/lib/soap"/>
>    </class-loader>
> but it did not work.
Can you try wrapping it with a <prologue> like:

    <library-loader path="WEB-INF/lib/soap"/>

The *.xml files are evaluated in order, so it's possible that your 
<class-loader> is being evaluated after its needed for loading. The 
<prologue> should evaluate the <class-loader> earlier. If that doesn't 
work, you could change the <library-loader path="WEB-INF/lib"/> in the 
app-default.xml to a <tree-loader>.

-- Scott
> Thanks

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