The last point now is to make a web service that conforms to what my 
customer needs = the wsdl provided.
I created the java code with cxf's wsdl2java. The source generated 
compiled fine in resin 4.0.8 (needing more jars than I expected).

First the web service did not answer to the request /CarteMusique?wsdl 
complaining that there was no implementation. Actually it's true, there 
was no class generated for the implementation... So I copied the 
interface generated and made an empty implementation. Now the service 
answers correctly to ?wsdl
But the generated service do not conform to the client. I have a little 
java app testing the web service, given by my customer. It answers this:

javax.xml.ws.WebServiceException: Could not find service named 
{http://services/}CarteMusiqueWS in wsdl 

That seems true : the wsdl generated do not have the same service name:

initial wsdl :
<definitions name='CarteMusiqueWS'...
<service name='CarteMusiqueWS'>

wsdl provided by generated code :
<wsdl:definitions name="CarteMusiqueWSImplService" ...
<wsdl:service name="CarteMusiqueWSImplService">

1) the name of the service is the name of the class and not the interface
2) the word "Service" is added and I cannot do anything about it

This is the resin conf:

   <servlet-mapping url-pattern="/CarteMusique/*" 
     <protocol uri="cxf:"/>

and this is the web service interface

@WebService(targetNamespace = "http://services/";, name = "CarteMusiqueWS")
public interface CarteMusiqueWS {

I tried to add serviceName="CarteMusiqueWS" but it still anwsers 
I also tried to add wsdlLocation = "file:....CarteMusiqueWS.wsdl" but it 
did not change.

Thanks for any tip :)

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