Hi Scott,

I've applied the 4.0.10 snapshot and the Alarm issue went away. Thanks.

But Resin consumed all memory after certain hours and resulted in a
halt or restart.

I did a jrockit flight recording and found there was a slow heap
increase during various GCs.

The recording file shows the objects in heap order by total size
occupied descending as below:

Class                   Instances            Size(bytes)         Percentage%(%)
com.caucho.config.inject.DependentCreationalContext     48,722,158      
1,559,109,040   49.08
com.buysou.cms.managers.DefaultBeanManager      11,970,792      287,299,020     
com.buysou.cms.managers.DefaultBeanReader       14,126,509      226,024,144     
com.buysou.cms.utils.reflection.GenericReflectionProvider       11,970,802      
191,532,840     6.029
char[]  1,792,936       160,800,482     5.062
.... (others omitted)

Obviously the DependentCreationalContext eat up the heap.


DefaultBeanManager & DefaultBeanReader & GenericReflectionProvider are
non singleton beans
which were injected into other beans at Dependent context (should be
GCed when request ends).

Any ideas?


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