Hi Scott,

I believe I've fixed this issue by adding @ApplicationScoped and
@RequestedScoped annotation to my beans. :)

Thanks for your efforts.


2010/8/18 Wesley Wu <wumen...@gmail.com>:
> Hi Scott,
> Thanks for the checking.
> Today I double checked the CDI spec and got some new knowledge.
> Nearly all my beans were not annotated with any scope, so that they
> should be @Dependent.
> Some of the beans were created (not injected) in a servlet filter via
> a static ObjectFactory.
> I think the beans should be transient but they are NOT.
> They actually were probably immortal because they were created in a
> servlet filter (singleton in webapp).
> And also my ObjectFactory was annotated with @Singleton too, too bad.
> As a workaround, I may annotated most my beans as @ApplicationScoped
> or @SessionScoped,
> because they're all stateless. At least after a bean was annotated as
> @SessionScoped, the
> @PreDestroy method was correctly fired when the request ended.
> This workaround SHOULD address the memory leak problem of my site,
> though not thoroughly tested.
> It's my initial thought. Hope you have a full story to tell me, if
> u've got some time. :)
> Thanks again.
> -Wesley

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