Hi Scott,

> I've put up a new snapshot. On a restart, you should see additional
> logging information in both the watchdog-manager.log and the
> jvm-default.log that should help narrow this down.

the only new entry in the log on restart in the jvm-default.log is this:

06:44:16.969] {main} ProResin[id=] started in 81883ms
WarningService: Stopping Resin because ping did not complete in time.
[07:13:56.772] {resin-shutdown} ProServer[id=,cluster=app-tier] stopping
Shutdown Resin reason: HEALTH

Almost the same is showing up in watchdog-manager.log:

[2010/08/13 07:13:56.816] Watchdog received warning from Resin[1,pid=32039]:
                            Stopping Resin because ping did not complete
in time.
[2010/08/13 07:13:58.579] Watchdog detected close of Resin[,pid=32039]
                            exit reason: HEALTH (exit code=8)
[2010/08/13 07:13:58.579] Watchdog starting Resin[]

It's really strange, though, that it happens almost exactly every 30
minutes. The behavior didn't occor with 4.0.7 or previous versions.

Best regards, --- Jan.

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