Out of curiosity do you have multiple instances of Resin (separate JVMs) 
running on that same virtual machine?  If so do you use different ports 
for the watchdog on both instances?  We had a similar situation and it 
was fixed by just running the watchdog on separate ports for each 
instance of Resin.  Probably not your situation, but thought I'd ask.


On 8/13/2010 12:27 AM, Jan Kriesten wrote:
> Hi Scott,
>> I've put up a new snapshot. On a restart, you should see additional
>> logging information in both the watchdog-manager.log and the
>> jvm-default.log that should help narrow this down.
> the only new entry in the log on restart in the jvm-default.log is this:
> 06:44:16.969] {main} ProResin[id=] started in 81883ms
> WarningService: Stopping Resin because ping did not complete in time.
> [07:13:56.772] {resin-shutdown} ProServer[id=,cluster=app-tier] stopping
> Shutdown Resin reason: HEALTH
> Almost the same is showing up in watchdog-manager.log:
> [2010/08/13 07:13:56.816] Watchdog received warning from Resin[1,pid=32039]:
>                              Stopping Resin because ping did not complete
> in time.
> [2010/08/13 07:13:58.579] Watchdog detected close of Resin[,pid=32039]
>                              exit reason: HEALTH (exit code=8)
> [2010/08/13 07:13:58.579] Watchdog starting Resin[]
> It's really strange, though, that it happens almost exactly every 30
> minutes. The behavior didn't occor with 4.0.7 or previous versions.
> Best regards, --- Jan.

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