In the servlet that receives the request, you can get the current uri: 
request.getRequestURI() and check if it is "/" or more. the 
servlet-mapping cannot help you here because you're at the site root.

one more thing, as you cannot redirect "/" in the conf, what I've done 
is putting a simple code in the very first line of the main index.jsp :


This way every request on "/" will be processed also by the url manager.

On 19/08/10 18:15, Francis, Steve (IHG) wrote:
> I believe I will use forward, but the question still remains can
> I have it exact match ONLY if it has nothing following the ".com", as in
> the  because if I forward anything else, the
> application wouldn't work.  The regexp doc isn't clear on what all the
> special characters mean.
> Thx,
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