XDebug works fine in my standard Apache + PHP (non quercus) configuration.

I have XDebug extension (php_debug-2.0.3-5.2.5.dll in c:\php\ext\) but for 
Apache + PHP.

Local php.ini (copied from my Apache php.ini) is in the Web-Inf/php.ini path 
referred to by 

XDebug extension (php_debug-2.0.3-5.2.5.dll from http://www.xdebug.org/) is 
probably not 
even recognised by quercus since it is a dll .

Incidentally there are spaces in the php.ini path printed out by phpinfo.php 
since I have Tomcat running in this path ...

"c:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0\.....    \php.ini"

Can I somehow use XDebug when using quercus servlet embedded in tomcat webapp?  

Is there a java equivalent of XDebug (for PHP)? 

I've found very little about XDebug PHP (other than the Java Xdebug variant) in 

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