Is there a way to include the name of the thread in a log message 
generated by resin instead of the thread ID?  I see ${log.threadID} as a 
way to include the thread ID, but I'd like to display its name instead.

We use Log4J in our application and it can display the thread name in 
its log messages so it would be nice to have the messages from resin 
display the names.


On 03/25/2011 06:01 PM, Keith Fetterman wrote:
> I see documentation in resin 4 for the<log>  tag, but its not included
> in the reference list of tags.  I only see<log-handler>  and<logger>
> Is this an oversight in the resin 4 documentation or is has this tag
> been replaced or discontinued?
> The<log>  tag had a "format" attribute, which I don't see listed in the
> <log-handler>  and<logger>  tags.
> What is the recommended way to add the format keywords to the Resin log
> messages?

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