In resin 3.0, you could pass values into the startup of resin via Java system properties. For example,

In my resin startup script (Linux), I would start resin using the following command:

$RESIN_ROOT/bin/ -verbose -server-root /web/resin -Xmx500M -XX:MaxPermSize=100M -Dstore=go2marine start

Essentially, I would pass in a Java system property named "store" and in my resin.conf file, I would set this to an EL variable:

<resin:set var="store" value="${Var['store']}"/>
<resin:if test="${empty store}">
<resin:set var="store" value="go2marine"/>

In resin 4, I don't see a way to pass in Java system properties. I've tried setting environment variables, but I can't find a way to read the environment variables in resin.xml. I found the following information in Resin documentation, but it doesn't work seem to work for environment variables that I create. variables <>

 Environment variables

Environment variables inherited by the process from the operting system are available as variables in el expressions, for example|${LANG}|.

I created the environment variable $STORE, and tried using <resin:set var="store" value="${STORE}"/>

I also found some resin documentation that showed the EL variable ${getenv['STORE']} should work, but it didn't work either.

Is there a way to pass variables into the startup of resin?

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