On Apr 13, 2011, at 16:00 , Scott Ferguson wrote:

> On 04/13/2011 03:32 PM, Rick Mann wrote:
>> I decided to try again to install Confluence under Resin 4.0.6. I see that 
>> they've dropped support for Resin, which is really too bad, but I figured 
>> I'd try anyway.
>> I'm getting this error:
>> [04-13 15:30:32.675] {http://*:80-2}  WARNING 
>> (com.caucho.server.webapp.ErrorPageManager) 
>> jar:file:/export/home/rmann/www/com/latencyzero/confluence/versions/confluence-3.5.1/confluence/WEB-INF/lib/oscore-2.2.7-atlassian-1.jar!/META-INF/ejb-jar.xml:41:
>>  'entity' is an unknown property of 'com.caucho.ejb.cfg.EjbEnterpriseBeans'.
>>                                      39:
>>                                      40:<!-- Entity Beans -->
>>                                      41:<entity>
>>                                      42:<description><![CDATA[Sequence 
>> Entity EJB implementation.]]></description>
>>                                      43:
>> Does this indicate a problem in Resin?
> I'll need to check on this.
> Technically, it's not a Resin problem because entity beans are not part 
> of the JavaEE web profile. Why Confluence is requiring full JavaEE is 
> something I don't understand. (Or more basically, why it's using entity 
> beans is a bit of a puzzlement.)
> It's possible that their ejb-jar.xml is obsolete and everyone else 
> ignores it. (The JavaEE servers ignore it because it's an entity bean 
> that's not used and the servlet engines ignore it because they don't 
> support ejb.)

Thanks, Scott.

That suggests I can modify ejb-jar.xml, if only I knew how. It also suggests 
they may be willing to fix this issue, even though they no longer support Resin.


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