As I am anticipating an end to our class loader leaks, I'm trying out 
remote deployments again, and they do seem to be working in 4.0.18 - yay!
However, once I have remote deployed to a server, Resin will no longer 
pick up .war files dropped locally in the webapps directory on that 
server. Or rather, if an updated WAR file is dropped there, Resin will 
restart the application, but still use the version of the remote deploy.
Restarting Resin doesn't help either. Neither does deleting the exploded 
WAR dir - it will be recreated with some skeleton structure 
(WEB-INF/classes + WEB-INF/tmp).
What I have to do is to delete the $SERVER_ROOT/resin-data/default/.git 
directory (yes, it took me a while to figure that out the first time...) 
AND restart. That is, deleting the .git directory and dropping the WAR 
also is not enough.

I haven't bothered with detailed logging yet, but when restarting Resing 
(without deleting .git) this turns up in the log
  WebApp[production/webapp/admin.resin/ROOT] cannot read root-directory 

When the .git directory has been deleted, there is this in the log
  [2011-09-29 14:40:21.723] 
UpdateCallback[bb167ecac021b1e0c7d46b10db03e80599f49706] repository 
update failed.

This is under Resin 4.0.18 with versioning turned off.
Is there a known bug here that has been fixed in a newer version?
Could I be doing something wrong?



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