On 09/29/2011 07:12 AM, Mattias Jiderhamn wrote:
> As I am anticipating an end to our class loader leaks, I'm trying out
> remote deployments again, and they do seem to be working in 4.0.18 - yay!
> However, once I have remote deployed to a server, Resin will no longer
> pick up .war files dropped locally in the webapps directory on that
> server. Or rather, if an updated WAR file is dropped there, Resin will
> restart the application, but still use the version of the remote deploy.

The remote deploy has priority.

If you want to switch from remote deploy to a .war, you need to use the 
undeploy command-line to undeploy the remote web-app first.

-- Scott

> Restarting Resin doesn't help either. Neither does deleting the exploded
> WAR dir - it will be recreated with some skeleton structure
> (WEB-INF/classes + WEB-INF/tmp).
> What I have to do is to delete the $SERVER_ROOT/resin-data/default/.git
> directory (yes, it took me a while to figure that out the first time...)
> AND restart. That is, deleting the .git directory and dropping the WAR
> also is not enough.
> I haven't bothered with detailed logging yet, but when restarting Resing
> (without deleting .git) this turns up in the log
>    WebApp[production/webapp/admin.resin/ROOT] cannot read root-directory
> /error/ROOT
> When the .git directory has been deleted, there is this in the log
>    [2011-09-29 14:40:21.723]
> UpdateCallback[bb167ecac021b1e0c7d46b10db03e80599f49706] repository
> update failed.
> This is under Resin 4.0.18 with versioning turned off.
> Is there a known bug here that has been fixed in a newer version?
> Could I be doing something wrong?

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