I have been able to get the files to compile by modifying calls to 
ctime_r in config.c so that they include a 3rd parameter as below.

ctime_r(&host->last_update_time, buf, sizeof(buf));

All the usages I found were in an #ifndef statement.

I am not familiar with c so don't know what you do for a more general 
solution that would work on Solaris and the rest of non-windows platforms
but it feels like a nested if to test for SOLARIS versions that need the 
extra parameter would help.

#ifndef WIN32
      ??# ifdef SOLARIS.POSIX1C
          ctime_r(&host->last_update_time, buf, sizeof(buf));
          ctime_r(&host->last_update_time, buf);
     strcpy(buf, ctime(&host->last_update_time));

for Caucho engineers:


Solaris needs a size parameter to ctime_r().

   As this is different from The Open Group/POSIX  Draft 6 (around Solaris 2.4),
but conformant to the final POSIX.1c (around Solaris 8?) standard,
a test in Configure is probably needed.  I know HP-UX does it right too,
but DEC did it the old way.  Solaris uses _POSIX_PTHREAD_SEMANTICS
and _REENTRANT flags,  if that helps...

I am still getting warnings:

"heap.c", line 63: warning: integer overflow detected: op"<<"
"heap.c", line 91: warning: integer overflow detected: op"<<"
"heap.c", line 119: warning: integer overflow detected: op"<<"
"heap.c", line 146: warning: integer overflow detected: op"<<"
"heap.c", line 149: warning: integer overflow detected: op"<<"

Which seem to relate to

#define TAG_SEEN (1LL << 63) Line 35 and subsequent uses of this.

It would be nice to get a clean compile in future.....




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