Have you typed jvm-arg exactly as it is in your resin.xml?

I think it is important that it should be


I was frequently getting the long delays on startup like yourself.

Also you could try an older jdbc driver version to see if the problem goes away 
either as a solution, or just to more clearly isolate the problem.



On 30/09/2011 19:49, Aaron Freeman wrote:
> We are currently experiencing a problem when we restart where the
> ConnectionPools to Oracle take a long time to be established and cause a
> long delay for our production machine to start.  It almost feels like the
> old ConnectionPools have to timeout, even though we have shut the entire
> Resin instance down and restarted the entire JVM.
> When I saw your post below I got excited because it's very similar to the
> issue we are having, but we don't have the SQLRecoverableException anywhere
> that I am seeing.  Also it's not really undeterministic -- it always
> happens.  How long the connections to Oracle take are sort of random, but
> it's way too long.
> When I went into /resin-admin/  I see that this is implicitly being set:
> <jvm-arg>-Djava.security.egd=/dev/urandom</jvm-arg>
> So adding your argument won't help us.
> Any other ideas on what could cause resin-4.0.18 to take so darn long to
> fire up as regards connection to Oracle 11g?
> Thanks,
> -a


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